Bancroft Site - Redevelopment Plan

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By Court Order the Board of Commissioners will be holding a Public Hearing on Ordinance 2018-01 at their regularly scheduled meeting of Tuesday, April 27, 2021 at 7:30 p.m.  A copy of that legal notice is available HERE.

Update Statement on Bancrfot from the Borough Commissioners - October 13, 2020
To discuss this update, or any information regarding Bancroft with a Commissioner you may contact them as follows:
- Mayor Neal Rochford:; or via phone at 429-4700, ext. 318
- Commissioner Jeff Kasko:; or via phone at 429-4700, ext. 316
- Commissioner Colleen Bianco Bezich:; or via phone at 429-4700, ext. 317

Update Statement on Bancroft from the Borough Commissioners - November 1, 2019

Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) Reviews Bancroft Plans
2019-6-26 Bancroft HPC - Archtecture

Redevelopment Agreement
Financial Agreement

On Tuesday, March 12, 2019 the Commissioners unanimously decided to table the proposed financial agreement with the developer for the Bancroft site.  The Commissioners heard the conserns of the Board of Education regarding revenue sharing and residents concerning future tax reductions at Bancroft.  The financial agreement as proposed will NOT be advanced.  The Commissioners plan to work with the Board of Education and the developer to advance a revised financial plan for taxation at the Bancroft site that addresses these concerns and creates a fair plan for all current and future Haddonfield residents.  It is our goal to complete this revision and place it on the agenda for initial public discussion at the Board of Commissioners Meeting on April 30, 2019 at 7:30 p.m. in Borough Hall.
Posted 0/14/2019

On February 26, 2019 the Board of Commissioners introduced an ordinance authorizing a Financial Agreement between the Borough and 2 Hopkins Lane Urban Renewal, LLC for the housing development at Bancroft.  Second Reading and Public Hearing were scheduled for March 12, 2019; however, at this point the Commissioners have decided that they will table the ordinance at that meeting until April 23, 2019 (CORRECTION - MEETING DATE IS APRIL 30, 2019).  They will continue to review their options before taking further action on the ordinance.
Posted 03/06/2019; updated 03/07/2019

FEBRUARY 13, 2019 -  The Commissioners will be discussing the Redevelopment Agreement and Financial Agreement at their meeting of February 26, 2019

The documents to be discussed are linked below.  A full set of the preliminary plans are available in the Clerk's Office and can be reviewed Monday - Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm.  Minor technical modifications may be made to the plans from signing of this agreement to submittal to the various boards for approval.  

Financial Analysis

Preliminary & Final Major Subdivision Plan for Residences at Bancroft
     Cover Sheet
     Existing Conditions Plan
     Site Demolition Plan
     Overall Site Plan
     Preliminary Subdivision Plan
Architect's Letter
Architectural Submission
Materials Report
Traffic Study
Marketing Study


May 2, 2018 Presentation by Developer for Bancroft site


Please click this link to view the May 2, 2018 presentation by the Developer.

Statement from Commissioner Moscatelli

It was brought up in a recent meeting that the Commissioner’s met with Brian O’Neill at the February 2, 2015 work session to discuss his plans for a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center, as shown in the published minutes.  The agreement of sale between Bancroft and O’Neill, which is posted on this page, below, as an attachment to the ‘Agreement with 2 Hopkins Lane, LLC,’ was signed on March 13, 2015.

This led the impression that the Commissioners could have used the period between February 2 and March 13 to purchase the property directly from Bancroft.  This is not the case.

The document linked below is the letter of intent between O’Neill and Bancroft dated December 9, 2014, which initiated the sale process and conferred legal status on O’Neill with regard to purchasing the property. 

The Borough obtained this letter yesterday from O’Neill’s lawyer, and we had not seen it before.  When asked about this he replied, ‘Brian never would have met with you if he didn’t have the property under control.’

The facts remain, the Borough had to negotiate with Brian O’Neill to purchase the Bancroft property.

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Student Impact Analysis

Please see the link Student Impact Analysis

Public Meeting - Bancroft

On May 2, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. professionals from 2 Hopkins Lane, LLC, the conditional developer of the Bancroft site, will make a presentation to the public.  Topics to be discussed include the proposed layout for the development and building exterior options.  All residents and interested parties are invited to attend.  The meeting will be in the auditorium of Borough Hall.
Posted 4/18/2018

Letter to the Editor, Haddonfield Sun  March 22, 2018

I heard a wise politician once say; “People are entitled to their own opinions, but they are not entitled to their own facts.”

I’ve thought about this recently, during meetings and discussions over the Bancroft Redevelopment Plan. I’ve heard and read some repeated inaccuracies and even outright falsehoods about what is happening with the Bancroft property. Many people have told me they are confused and have asked, “what’s really going on?”

In an effort to clarify some of things being said, here are some of my thoughts:

MYTH: We chose the developer, Brian O’Neill, to build on the site.
FACT: We did not choose Mr. O’Neill. He had a contract with Bancroft to purchase the property and planned to build a drug rehab facility there. We negotiated with him for the town to purchase the land and give up the rehab idea, but that came with an agreement that any approved housing units there would be built by him. Without that agreement, we would not own the land.

MYTH: We can pay him $600,000 to go away.
FACT: We can pay him only if he chooses to leave. It’s a sweetener that I insisted be in our agreement. It’s up to him to walk away, not us.

MYTH: The Redevelopment Plan gives carte blanche for O’Neill to do whatever he wants.
FACT: Our Plan calls for multiple public and private uses, including open space, fields, town/school facilities, and private housing on a portion of the property, which will generate tax revenue to pay for the rest. It includes detailed guidelines and restrictions regarding possible housing units to be built.

MYTH: The Plan calls for housing that will attract families with kids and will overburden our schools.
FACT: Our Plan is for age-targeted townhomes and/or flats that will be designed for and marketed to empty nesters, aged 55+ without kids.

MYTH: There are no options for empty nesters and seniors to downsize and stay in town.
FACT: There are more than 300 flats for rent or sale at multiple locations in town, including the Haddonfield Commons, Tarditi Commons, Haddonfield Manor, and Kingsway. There are also hundreds of smaller, private homes and twin homes for downsizing. In total, there are more than 2000 properties and housing units in town that are at or below the median property value of about $500,000. There are more than 1000 properties that are less than $250,000.

MYTH: This Plan is being rushed so O’Neill can get what he wants.
FACT: We have discussed potential Bancroft property uses for at least 10 years. The negotiations with Bancroft and O’Neill, and the input that lead to the Commissioners and Planning Board adopting the Plan, involved many discussions, surveys, hearings and meetings over the past several years. In public, we have passed and amended the Plan and issued more than $12 million in notes to buy the property, which we have to start paying back. This has been carefully and fully discussed. Now, it’s time to put the Plan into action.

MYTH: This is going to cost taxpayers too much money.
FACT: With age-targeted townhomes on a portion of the property, our Plan will generate enough tax revenue to pay for debt service, other property costs, open space, and some public uses on the site. It may even generate extra revenue that we can use to reduce property taxes or fund other public purposes.

Although I only speak for myself, I know the other two commissioners agree that we must move forward, armed with facts on implementing our Bancroft Redevelopment Plan. I hope residents will agree and not support delaying or re-opening old arguments and debates from the past several years. It took a long time and now we are finally ready to move forward!

Commissioner Jeff Kasko
Deputy Mayor

Possible Land Swap between Borough of Haddonfield and Board of Education
                       Scout Field Deed - signed June 24, 1971 
  Radnor Field Deed - signed April 14, 1947

Adopted Amended Bancroft Redevelopment Plan

The ordinance amending the redevelopment plan was introduced on January 23, 2018.  The Public Hearing for the amending ordinance is scheduled for Tuesday, February 13, 2018 at 7:30pm at the Commissioners Meeting in Borough Hall.
                     Ordinance amending the Bancroft Redevelopment Plan                     
                     Exhibit 1 - original memo from Phil Caton - dated November 1, 2017
                     Exhibit 2 - Planning Board Resolution
                     Exhibit 3 - amended memo from Phil Caton - dated January 17, 2018

Agreements to purchase the Bancroft property
                       Agreement with Bancroft 
                          Agreement with 2 Hopkins Lane, LLC

Round 3 - 2015 to 2018
Bancroft Update by the Board of Commissioners - January 2018
Redevelopment Plan Amendment for 11-2-17 Board of Commissioners meeting
Conceptual Plans, Elevations and Site Plan proposed by O'Neill Properties Group
Planning Board meetings for amendment
                                             November 29    7:30 pm
                                             December 5      7:30 pm
                                             December 20    7:30 pm
Tax Rate Analysis - Bancroft Property

Final Redevelopment Plan report
Financial Analysis

Commissioners approve Redevelopment Plan
                                     Press Release

Planning Board approves Redevelopment Plan - resolution  
Planning Board Report
Draft Redevelopment Plan report
Presentation to Planning Board on 
Resolution to designate area in need of redevelopment
Presentation to Planning Board on
Commissioners resolution requesting the Planning Board to designate an area in need of Redevelopment

Round 2 - 2011 to 2012
October 5, 2012
NEW Bancroft documents available for review - special BOE meeting scheduled to discuss on 10/9/2012 at 6:00 p.m. at HMHS Library. Board of Commissioners will discuss at regularly scheduled meeting held 10/9/2012 at 7:30 p.m. in Borough Hall. Agreement of Sale – Bancroft, Board of Education, Borough of Haddonfield Lease of Property – between Board of Education and Bancroft

August 31, 2012
In light of the completion of negotiations and the signing of the Letter of Intent among Bancroft, the Board of Education, and the Borough, the Commissioners have authorized the release of the October 2005 appraisal performed on the Bancroft property.  The appraisal is now available for public review on the borough website ( and on the redevelopment process website (

It should be noted that this appraisal is now seven years old and has no legal validity. It was based upon the R-2 residential zoning previously established which restricted development to single-family homes on lot sizes of 20,000 square feet (approximately ½ acre).  It ignored the potential for other uses. The appraisal also took into account the COAH requirements in effect at the time.  However it should be noted that the 20,000 square feet lot size is not a typical lot size for affordable housing or for housing in the Borough generally. At the time, the appraiser noted that any changes to these assumptions would impact the estimated market value of the property assigned in the appraisal.  

2005 Bancroft Appraisal Part 1

2005 Bancroft Appraisal Part 2


Proposed Letter of Intent for the purchase of the Bancroft site for public use


Borough launches website dedicated to Bancroft redevelopment.


Site Redevelopment Plan-- prepared by Heyer, Gruel & Associates.

ParenteBeard: Overview of Bancroft Redevelopment Plan: Potential for a CCRC – October 2010
Bancroft-Banish: Fiscal Impact Analysis – June 2010
Heyer, Gruel & Associates: Fiscal Impact Analysis – October 2010
Heyer, Gruel & Associates: Open Space Feasibility Study for the Bancroft Site
Heyer, Gruel & Associates: Response to Traffic Issues – October 2010
Heyer, Gruel & Associates: Existing Disturbed Area & Revised Concept Plan – East Side of Hopkins Lane – October 2010
Heyer, Gruel & Associates: Size, Impervious and Building Coverage – October 2010
Trip Generation Analysis – Provided by Bancroft – October 2010 

Bancroft Site – Redevelopment Plan – August 2010 (pdf)
Fiscal Impact Analysis – Bancroft Site – October 2006 (pdf)
Redevelopment Area Determination Report – Bancroft Site – October 2005 (pdf)