Public Parking


Parking is free after 6PM and on Weekends
Free parking Thanksgiving through Christmas Day.


We are a pedestrian friendly town. When driving in the Borough please observe the "Yield to Pedestrian" signs located in the crosswalks throughout the business district.

Public Lot Kiosks
The public lots have a pay-by-space kiosk system. Each of the parking spaces is marked with a number, which must be entered at the kiosk. Each space is also marked either with an “S” (short) for up to three-hour parking or an “L” (long) for up to 12-hour parking. At the kiosk, patrons must: (1) enter the parking space number via the keypad; (2) select payment type (cash or credit/debit); (3) pay with coins, bills or card; (4) keep ticket/receipt as proof of purchase.

Tanner Street Kiosks
The Tanner Street kiosks are a pay-and-display kiosks. These require that patrons, upon parking, proceed to the kiosk and make a payment using cash or a debit/ credit card. The kiosk will in turn generate a slip of paper showing the length of time for which parking is paid. This slip of paper must then be placed on the passenger side front windshield with the time stamp facing outward. Please note that if tickets are placed incorrectly or in the wrong spot the car owner may be ticketed.

It should be further noted that the kiosks cannot provide change for cash payments. Metered parking spaces will continue to operate in the usual fashion.

For more information public parking, please call Haddonfield Police at 856-429-4700 ext. 221.

Questions about shopping hours, special events and other related information can be obtained by visiting the Haddonfield Information Center located at 2 Kings Court or calling 856-216-7253. Hours are Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 11:00am - 3:00pm. and Thursday 3:00pm - 7:00pm.  The Information Center is closed August 1st through Labor Day and December 25th through January 31st. The Center will also accommodate your needs by appointment, and also is open to accommodate the hours of the downtown's special events.

Additional questions concerning parking in the Borough should be directed to the Haddonfield Police Department at 856-429-4700 ext. 221.