From approximately the beginning of November thru March, the vegetative waste truck will run on the first trash week of each month which begins on the first Monday of the month.  It will only run one week per month during these months.  

From approximately** the first full week of April (beginning on the first Monday collection) thru about the third week of October, the Borough will pick up grass clippings, branches and leaves for composting if put out for collection in one of the following ways:

  • In Borough supplied green vegetative waste containers
  • In open containers (Max. 50 pounds) with a Borough provided yellow sticker on it;
  • In compostable paper bags

Grass Clippings and Small Yard Waste - It is strongly recommended that grass be cut with a mulching mower or often enough to avoid the need for removing the grass clippings as stated in the State-wide “Cut It and Leave It” program.  These mulching methods leave the small clippings in the lawn, which makes for healthier lawn and avoid the major cost and environmental problems due to disposing of grass clippings as trash.

No container can exceed 50 pounds at the time of collection.  Note that grass in containers will absorb moisture and weigh more after placed in container.  Be sure not to place too much in each bag or can.  Grass clippings and yard waste must be put out on your regular trash day.  Landscapers cannot cut grass and leave out for days.  PLASTIC BAGS FOR YOUR YARD WASTE ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE.

Brush - Hedges, bushes, vines, shrubbery, bamboo, etc.  This must be tied in bundles of no more than 50 pounds and may not exceed four feet in length, or placed in your green trash containers.

Tree Limbs and Branches - May be bundled as brush for pickup by the vegetative waste truck or placed unbundled to be chipped (not put in trash trucks).  Removing entire shrubs can be chipped only if the root is cut from the bush. Roots should have dirt removed and then placed in cans or paper bags weighing less than 50 pounds for collection by the Veg Truck.  Collections by the Veg Truck, as well as Chipping, are both important parts of the Borough’s recycling program. 

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