Leaf Collection

Each fall from late October or early November through early December the massive job of collecting leaves begins.  The Borough will provide a total of 3 pickups during leaf season; only piles will be collected.  DO NOT RAKE LEAVES INTO GUTTER OR STREETS; leaf piles should be placed on the park strip, or on the edge of the front yard if no park strip is present.  If a resident or their landscaper places leaves in the road in violation of the ordinance (195-9) a ticket may be issued.  Do not bag leaves during this time period.  Residents are encouraged to compost their leaves on their own property for use as fertilizer and to reduce the quantity that must be collected. 
After the leaf trucks have completed their three (3) passes, all leaves must be placed in recyclable paper bags or in cans marked for vegetative waste.  For up-to-date information on Leaf Collection during the weeks of Leaf Season, the Home Page of this website is updated daily; in addition the following link contains the same information:
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During Leaf season, the chipper will be suspended from pickups.  (i.e. November and December)