Stormwater Management - Residential

The Borough of Haddonfield requires all new major construction and any new construction that will increase the impervious surface coverage of a property 20 percercent or greater to install a stormwater management system and the submission of a stormwater maintenance plan. Certification of maintenance is to be provided to the Director of Community Development on a biennial basis. 

Beginning in 2018, all reports should be sent by March 1 of the required year. The first report shall be due two years after the system has passed installation inspection.
Next Certification Due Date: March 1, 2019 (For Systems installed in 2017)

Community Development Director:
Tavis Karrow
Phone: (856)-429-4700 ext. 228

Borough Ordinance Chapter 135 Stormwater Management

 Stormwater Maintenance Manual

 Stormwater Maintenance Form