No Knock Registry

A No Knock Registry has been instituted for the Borough of Haddonfield.  This is a program that residents can sign up for to notify peddlers and solicitors who obtain a valid permit through the Borough offices to go door-to-door to sell products or services.

Residents can sign up for this No Knock Registry by completing and submitting the application available here.

By submitting this form, residents will be registered in the No Knock Registry maintained by the Borough Clerk’s Office. Once you register it is not necessary to register again.  Should you wish to be removed from the list, contact the Borough Clerk’s Office and your address will be removed.  Once registered a No Knock sticker will be provided.  The NO KNOCK Sticker can be picked up at the Borough Clerk’s Office, or will be mailed to your home.  Place this near your door, in a window, or somewhere it will be visible to anyone knocking on the door.

The Registry will be updated on July 1st each year.  It will be distributed to each valid Peddlers/Solicitor’s Licensee at the time they receive their license.  They will receive a  list of addresses only, so that they do not knock on your door.  They will also be provided with a copy of the No Knock Sticker so that they recognize it.

Violations of the No Knock Registry should be reported to the Police Department (856-439-3000) and the Borough Clerk’s Office at the time the incident occurs. Upon reporting a violation, you may be asked to provide testimony where the violation results in a formal complaint.

EXEMPTIONS:  This No Knock Registry shall not apply to:

1.  Any person soliciting for a vote or support any political candidate or program.
2.  Any person soliciting for a bona fide charitable non-profit purpose or organization.
3.  Any person engaged in delivering wares, goods, merchandise, articles or items in the regular course of business to the premises of the person who ordered or is entitled to receive same.
4.  Public utilities or their employees, provided that such public utility is subject to regulation by the State Board of Regulatory Commission, and provided that such employees display the identification badge or card issued by their employer.