When a local improvement assessment ordinance is adopted by the Governing Body, immediately upon becoming effective, the improvements so authorized become unconfirmed assessments against the parcel.

The person responsible for issuing "certificates as to liability for assessment for municipal improvements" in the Borough of Haddonfield is the Borough Clerk.

The fee for an assessment search is $10. If the applicant requires another certificate of the same tract within 3 years of issuance of the initial certificate, a continuation certificate may be issued for a fee of $2 per calendar year. The Assessment Search Officer shall issue the Certificate within 15 days of receipt of the application and fees.

Any person who shall acquire interest in land covered by and in reliance on a search which does not indicate an unconfirmed assessment which existed at the time the search was issued, or a search was not issued with the 15 days allowed, shall hold such interest free from any subsequent liens of the municipality for such municipal improvements.

Send all requests for Certificate as to the Liability for Assessment for Municipal Improvements to the following:

Borough Clerk’s Office
Borough of Haddonfield
242 Kings Highway East
Haddonfield, New Jersey 08033