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Haddonfield Board of Health 
The commissioners are developing a Community Health Advisory Committee that will assist them in their role as the Local Board of Health.  They will assist in the development of policies, plans, strategic planning, and community health assessment.  They will also assist in educating, informing, and empowering the residents regarding health issues.  The Community Health Advisory Committee is made up of the following categories of members:


  • A member of the governing body or administration
  • Two representatives from the local hospital or health care system
  • A representative from mental health workers
  • A representative from local faith-based institutions
  • A school representative
  • A representative of charitable, housing or service organizations servicing the needs of senior citizens
  • A representative experienced in environmental science
  • A resident
  • Two alternates can qualify for any of the above categories.


 Representatives shall serve for a term of three years.  It is anticipated that there will be four to six meetings a year.

The purpose of this Commission is to safeguard the heritage of the Borough of Haddonfield by preserving that part of the Borough that reflects elements of its cultural, economic, and architectural history, as well as promote the Historic District as an essential element of municipal character and identity.  Additionally, it is to assure that construction, alterations, repairs, and replacements are compatible with the Borough’s historic, cultural, aesthetic, and architectural heritage.

This Commission meets on the third (4th) Wednesday of the month in the Borough Hall (242 Kings Highway East, Haddonfield).

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