Planning Board's Land Use Sub-Committee

On March 26, 2019 the Board of Commissioners have introduced Ordinance 2019-05, which makes various changes to the mass & scale on homes in town, as well as changes to the zoning districts of various homes.  The second reading and Public Hearing on this ordinance have been pushed out to the May 14, 2019 Commissioner Meeting.  Below is a link to the ordinance, as well as information provided at a Public Forum meeting held on Wednesday, May 1st at Borough Hall:

- Ordinance 2019-05
- May 1st Presentation
- Fact Sheet
- List of properties affected by Zoning Change and informational sheets on each
Posted May 3, 2019

The Board of Commissioners previously tasked the Planning Board with reviewing several potential issues with the land use code.  During their review of those items they determined there were potentially additional items that needed to be addressed.  To that end a Land Use Subcommittee was established.  The Committee first developed a preliminary list of questions and then used them to stimulate discussion with a number of Borough Boards, Borough professionals, neighborhood organizations and knowledgeable residents who have been involved in land use and development issues in town.  These meetings and conversations involved more than 60 people.
The Land Use Committee then used these notes to identify a set of preliminary recommendations and narrowed everything down to topics that should be targeted for more in-depth review which includes those listed below.
The Haddonfield Planning Board reviewed and adopted a series of recommendations prepared by its Land Use Subcommittee to better protect the distinctive character of Haddonfield’s residential neighborhoods.

The Planning Board adopted the Zoning and Lot Compatability Report below at their meeting on August 7, 2018:
-          Zoning and Lot Compatibility Report 

The Planning Board also adopted the Report on the Mass and Scale of New Homes at their meeting on August 7, 2018
-          Mass and Scale of New Homes