Strategic Plan

Haddonfield has a number of qualities that have enabled it to maintain its charm and desirability as a place to live, work and shop. In order to maintain these qualities and enhance what Haddonfield has to offer, the Borough is developing a strategic plan. This plan will not only help to ensure that the Borough will have a successful future but it will also emphasize its unique characteristics.

Developing a strategic plan takes between six months and one year to complete. Haddonfield’s plan will focus on a four-year plan that will set the guidelines through the next term of office for the current commissioners. The strategic plan will define a mission and ensure that priorities of each department, the commissioners, community residents and business owners are aligned.

The plan will focus on maintaining the integrity of what Haddonfield has to offer while also determining if there are any improvements that can be made in areas such as infrastructure, public safety, financial management, public works and communication. Following the strategic plan, an action plan will be created to implement the strategies to complete the goals set. The action plan is broken down by department and will be used in future budget plans for determining which services to provide that will assist in accomplishing the goals set in the strategic plan.

In order to gather the community’s ideas and concerns so that we can be sure that the priorities of the community are aligned with the strategic plan, we will be sending out surveys to identify potential issues and solutions. Members of the community are also encouraged to attend public meetings. Meeting dates will be announced in "Municipal Matters."