Animal Licensing

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Haddonfield will hold a free rabies vaccination clinic for cats and dogs on Saturday April 24, 2021 10am-12pm in the back parking lot of Borough Hall.  Please wear a mask and maintain proper social distancing practices.

The current fee for licensing a dog or cat, with applicable late fees, within the Borough of Haddonfield is as follows:
Dates  Dogs  Cats 
On or Before January 3 1st:            $21.00 for neutered/spayed $24.00 for non-neutered/spayed          $17.00 for neutered/spayed $24.00 for non-neutered/spayed
February 1 to April 30th:   $26.00 for neutered/spayed $29.00 for non-neutered/spayed      $22.00 for neutered/spayed $29.00 for non-neutered/spayed
After April 30th: $31.00 for neutered/spayed $34.00 for non-neutered/spayed $27.00 for neutered/spayed $34.00 for non-neutered/spayed

All puppies must be licensed once they reach six (6) months of age.
All kittens must be licensed once they reach seven (7) months of age.

The application can be accessed by clicking here.

For questions, please call the Administration Office at Borough Hall at 856-429-4700, ext. 200.
Posted Jan 12, 2021

The Haddonfield Police Department enforces Borough Code 69-7b, “A dog shall be led by chain, cord, or leash in the hands of a person capable of controlling such dog when such dog is walking upon the public streets and/or public property of the Borough of Haddonfield, and/or the public property of the Haddonfield Board of Education.” All dogs must be on a leash at all times when on public property and on public streets including property of the Haddonfield Board of Education.  Please click HERE for more information on Chapter 69 Animals.