Can I pay my motor vehicle summons online?

If a court appearance is not required, you may pay online.  On the lower portion of the ticket is a box "Court Appearance Required".  If this box is checked you may not pay the summons/ticket online and must appear in court.  If the box is not checked, click on the link below to the NJ Admistrative Office of the Courts.  If you have any questions, please contact the Haddonfield - Audubon Municipal Court at (856) 547-0712.


My power/utility is out - who should I call?

If you believe that a hazardous condition exists, such as a gas leak, downed electrical wires, or other serious hazard call 911 immediately.  We ask that for non-emergency utility interuptions you contact the appropriate utility links below.


NJ American Water  

Does the Haddonfield Police Department accept reports via social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc?

No, we do not monitor our social media accounts 24/7.  For non-emergency police services, please contact Central Communications at (856) 429-3000.  In case of emergency dial 911.