Opening a Business in Haddonfield

Zoning Permit

A new business in Haddonfield is required to submit a Zoning Permit to the Construction Office, Rm 104, in Borough Hall.  If you have any questions regarding the Zoning Permit, contact the Zoning Officer, Stephanie Heim, at (856) 429-4700 ext. 228.
Business Sign Application
Businesses are required to submit a Business Sign Application to the Construction Office, Rm 104, in Borough Hall before hanging/displaying a business sign at their location.  The BSA will be reviewed and approved or denied by the Historic Preservaiton Commission, which meets the third Wednesday of the month.  If the BSA is approved, businesses will then need to apply for a building construction permit before hanging/displaying a business sign.

Outdoor Marketing Graphic Display
Businesses, that sell food for consumption off site or have retail merchandise in at least 51% of their floor space,wishing to display an A-frame sign on the public sidewalk must apply for an Outdoor Marketing Graphic Display permit.  

Outdoor Merchandise Display
Businesses that wish to display merchandise on the public sidewalk must apply for an Outdoor Merchandise Display permit.

                                 NJ-hex-haddonfield Photo courtesy  of J & J Staffing Resources
Cherry Hill, NJ
Outdoor Eating Facility Businesses that wish to operate an outdoor eating facility are required to apply for an Outdoor Eating Facility permit.

     • Businesses may not have both an Outdoor Marketing Graphic Display permit and an Outdoor Merchandise
             Display permit.  Businesses may only apply for one.
     • Outdoor Eating Facility permits, Outdoor Merchandise Display permits, and Outdoor Marketing Graphic Display
             permits all require annual renewal.
     • Each of the forms mentioned above can be found on the Forms and

Applications page listed in the menu on the left side.

Be sure to contact the Haddonfield Retail Recruiter, Remi Fortunato, at (856) 429-4700 ext. 326 or