Forms and Applications

Construction Permits

UCC Building Subcode Technical         •UCC Electrical Subcode Technical        •UCC Plumbing Subcode Technical    
UCC Elevator Subcode Technical         •UCC Fire Subcode Technical       •Framing Checklist     •Construction Permit
UCC Application for Variation           •UCC Application for Certificate
Chimney Certification
Affordable Housing Development Fee Form
Tree Protection Certification Form

Tree Protection Policy 
(for additional information regarding the protection of Borough-owned trees during construction, please see the Haddonfield Shade Tree Commission web page)

Dumpster/Pod Permit (to be submitted to the Haddonfield Police Department)

OR go to for the Uniform Construction Code Forms.

Zoning & Planning Permits

Zoning Permit       •Variance Application
Variance- Burden of Proof Requirements     •Table of Residential Zoning Requirements
•Planning Board Application     •Site Plan Application     •Subdivision Application      Green Checklist
Historic Preservation Application for Certification

Business Permits

Zoning Permit        •Variance Application (Conditional Use)
Business Sign Application     •Business Sign Checklist
Outdoor Eating Facility     •Outdoor Merchandise Display     •Outdoor Marketing Graphic Display
Temporary Interior Advertising Sign Business Application

•Permit Application for Charitable Clothing Bin