Construction Permit Questions
If you do not see the answer to your question or you're still unsure, please call (856) 429-4700 ext. 209. 

For questions regarding yard signs, please click the above link.
Please note that signs are never permitted in the park strip and will be removed.

For questions regarding flags and placement, please click the above link.
Please not that these regulations are guidelines and are not enforceable for private citizens and residences.

Information for Realtors
For questions regarding realtor signs or moving day trash pick up, please click the above link.
Please note that sales of homes in Haddonfield now require sidewalk and smoke detector inspections.  This process is handled by the Administration Office, Rm. 101, in Borough Hall.  To contact the Aministration Office, please call (856) 429-4700 ext. 200.  

Trash and Recycling Rules and Regulations:
Posted below are the rules and regulations for trash and recycling pick up in commercial or residential zones for the Borough of Haddonfield.  If you have any questions or complaints regarding time or placement of trash and recycling pick up, please contact the Department of Public Works at (856) 429-0183.  If you have a complaint regarding trash (ex: incorrectly placed) please contact Code Enforcement at (856) 429-4700 ext. 214.

    - Downtown Business District
    - Residential
    - Recycling Information