Commissioners & Administrator

Since 1913, Haddonfield has operated under the "Commission" form of government.

Three Commissioners are selected by the voters of Haddonfield at a nonpartisan election held the second Tuesday in May every four years. Amongst themselves, the Commissioners select a Mayor and may select a Deputy Mayor.

Each Commissioner oversees a Department within the Borough.

The current Borough Commissioners are:

Neal Rochford
Mayor and Commissioner of Public Works, Parks and Public Buildings >>
Phone: (856) 429-4700, ext. 318

Photo Credit: Silverman Photography

Jeffrey Stephen Kasko
Commissioner Revenue and Finance >> 
Phone: 856-429-4700, ext. 316

Photo Credit: Silverman Photpgraphy

Colleen Bianco Bezich
Commissioner of Public Affairs and Public Safety >> 
 (856) 429-4700, ext. 317



Borough Commission action meetings are generally held on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays at 7:30 PM

Commission work sessions are generally held the 1st and 3rd Mondays, or the week prior to the regular meetings, at 6:30 PM. The dates and times of the work sessions can, and have been, changed to meet the needs of the Commissioners with as little as 48 hour notice. Please check the “Borough Meeting Schedule” for any changes that may have been scheduled in advance.

January, July, August, November and December each have one action meeting and one worksession.  In July and August these two meetings are held on the same day with the worksession beginning at 4:00 pm and the action meeting beginning at 7:00 pm.  In January, November and December these meetings are held on two separate dates.   Please check the "Borough Meeting Schedule" for the specific dates each year.