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Sustainable Haddonfield encourages sustainable use of our community's natural, human, and economic resources through education, outreach, and collaborative partnerships between residents, community organizations, borough government and neighboring towns. 

In 2013, Haddonfield was awarded silver-level Certification as a Sustainable Community under the Sustainable Jersey™ program. Among other things, the Sustainable Haddonfield is currently working on re-certification of the Borough's Silver award in 2016.

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Borough Hall
242 Kings Highway East
Haddonfield, New Jersey 08033


856-429-4700, ext. 321, Messages only


Meeting Schedule:   

3rd Tuesday of each month at 7:30 p.m. in Borough Hall


Lara Barrett, Chairperson
Neal Rochford, Commissioner
Julie Beddingfield
Anna Hermes
Rosalyn Scaff
Linda Davis-Moon


Commissioners Approve Complete Streets Policy

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Resolution to Authorize the Endorsement of Community Visioning as Adopted by Sustainable Haddonfield
Resolution to Authorize the Endorsement of Green Building Practices for Civic, Commercial and Residential Buildings

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Sustainability Element

Beginning in 2012, members of the Planning Board, Environmental Commission, Sustainable Haddonfield, Historic Preservation Commission, Shade Tree Commission, and the Zoning Board met to discuss the possibility of doing a Green Building and Sustainability Element to Haddonfield's Master Plan. In 2013, the Borough of Haddonfield was awarded a $10,000 grant from Sustainable Jersey toward hiring Clarke Caton Hinz to serve as a consultant for the Element. The Advisory Committee worked with CCH and held a community meeting for input on the plan on November 20, 2014. The Sustainability Element was adopted by the Planning Board on June 2, 2015.

For information on the Sustainability Element:

Sustainable Jersey™

For information about Sustainable Jersey™, feel free to contact us at the above email address, or visit the Sustainable Jersey™ web page:

Green Business Recognition Program
The Sustainable Haddonfield Team is excited to highlight some of our local businesses in our Green Business Recognition Program. The program works with local businesses and their already existing earth-friendly practices as well as practices they are looking to implement in the coming year. The practices focus on waste reduction, energy efficiency, water reduction, green buildings, transportation, pollution reduction, social responsibility, local economy, and goals and promotion. Items include: recycling, reuse of items, composting, use of natural lighting, native plantings, use of a rain barrel, no VOC paint use, use of green cleaning products, equitable hiring practices, buying local, and establishing more green goals. There are so many things, both little and big, that can truly make a difference in helping to protect our planet. For instance, recycling, composting, and reusing items help reduce the amount of trash entering a landfill. Using a rain barrel to capture natural rainwater instead of turning on the hose will save water, a precious natural resource. And using natural lighting will not only help lower our electric bills, but will also decrease our use of fossil fuels which helps combat global warming.

Our hope is that in recognizing and promoting our local green businesses, more and more businesses and individuals will adopt green practices. If you are a business owner and are interested in our program, please contact Saba Aftad at for more information. We also aim to help local businesses with local workshops or information they might need to help make their business a little more earth-friendly. Please help us recognize and congratulate the nine local businesses in our program who have committed to helping both our local community and planet. They are: Carly Valentine Photography, Symetrie Salon, The British Chip Shop, The Bread Board Plus, Triggerwave, LLC, Personal Expressions Hair Studio, Christian Science Reading Room, Indulgence Cupcakery, and Be Well Massage.

Perscription Medicine Drop Program 
For more information on where and why you should discard unsued medications:


Sustainable Lawn Care Tips--Cut it and leave it!