Leaf Collection Information

On Friday, November 24, leaf trucks will continue working in the Friday trash route.  The trucks are now in the second round of leaf pickup.  Please take note:  The third and final round will begin sometime next week.  Once each street has had the third leaf collection that will complete loose leaf collection for this year at each location. 

A Reminder:  The Chipper is finished collecting for 2017 and will return in January 2018.  The Veg Truck is now following the winter schedule and slated for the first full week of each month, November through March.  December collection for vegetative debris will be the week of December 4 on trash day.

Loose Leaf Collection at the curb began on Monday, October 30, 2017.  All trucks will begin collecting in the Monday trash section; it will likely take a few days to complete all streets in each section.  Once all streets are completed in one trash section, trucks will move into the next trash section, i.e., after the Monday section is completed, all trucks will begin the Tuesday section.  This will continue until all streets have been visited by the leaf trucks at which time the process will begin again; it is anticipated that three rounds will be completed during leaf season.  The current end date is scheduled for the week of December 4.   

Residents must remember to place leaves in piles on the park strip, or at the edge of the lawn where no park strip is present.  Due to storm water regulations and Borough Ordinance (195-9), leaves are not permitted to be piled in the street; tickets may be issues where this occurs.