The schedule for Chipper and Leaf Collection is as follows:

CHIPPER:  Since early Jan. the chipper has completed the Monday, Tuesday, and Wed. routes.  On Wed. 1/17 the Chipper will resume in the Thur. section.  When the Thur. and Friday sections have been completed, the entire route will be completed again, beginning with the Monday section.   

LEAF COLLECTION INFO:   On Monday, 1/22/18 the leaf truck will collect on Kings Highway from Chews Landing to Warwick.  On Monday all streets will have had a fourth pass, and leaf collection will be finished. 

Streets completed on:
1/19/18:  All streets in the Friday trash route were completed, including those on Kings Highway East as noted on 1/18/18.

1/18/18:  All streets in the Thursday trash route were completed except Kings Highway east from Potter to Borough Line, and Borough Line to Grove Street.

1/17/18:  Woodland, Euclid, Redman, Bewley, Peyton, Homestead, Avondale, Mt. Vernon, Westmont, Trueman, Briarcliff, Kings Highway West (between Linden & Estaugh and Chews and Warwick).

1/16/18:  Elm (West End to  Atlantic) Mt. Vernon (West End to speedline & 700 block), Redman (West End to speedline & 700 block), N. Hinchman, Lansdowne.
1/4/18:  North Dr., Lansdowne (one side from Kings Highway to Redman), Homestead (Euclid to Barberry), N. Hinchman (one side Homestead to Kings Highway), Elm (both sides from West End to Borough Line).

1/3/18:  Chews Landing, Euclid, Birchall, Barberry, West End completed except one block/one side from Euclid to Kings Highway, North Dr. (one side).

1/2/18: Kings Highway W. (from West End Ave. to Borough Line, and Borough Line to Eves Lane), Station Ave (S. Hinchman to Chews Landing), Hinchman (Station to Kings Highway W.), Mountwell (Chews Landing to Warwick), Knolltop and W. Summit.

12/29:  Washington (from Lincoln to Mountwell), W. Park (100 block), Mountwell (from Warwick to Chews Landing and part of the opposite side).

12/28:  Ridgewood Circle, Olney Circle, Centre, Lincoln, E. Park, Station from Chews to Hinchman, Walnut, Warwick from Kings Highway W to Mountwell (one side only), and W. Park (1 side).

12/27: E. Cottage, Walnut (from Reillywood to Ellis and Ellis to W. Cottage), Park Place, Lakeview, Reillywood, Spruce, Chestnut and Loucroft.

12/26:  Greenmount, Oak Ridge, Moore Lane, E. Summit, Loucroft (one side is partially finished), Spruce (one side from tennis courts to Reillywood), Chestnut (one side from Reillywood to Lincoln).

12/21:  Oak, Pomona, Evans, Concord Dr, Greenmount Rd & Oak Ridge (from Upland to Oak Ridge), Jefferson, Queensboro, Marquis, Clinton, Pennbrook, Farragut.

Concord Circle, Wynwood, Hickory, Bellevue, Overhill, Treaty Elms, Jefferson (Chews Landing to Warwick), Jefferson (Warwick back to the 200 block), Chews Landing (Mountwell to W. Summit), Winding Way, Washington (Heritage to Tavistock), Warwick (From out of town to Tavistock)

Chews Landing (Except between Mountwell &Summit), Heritage, Colonial Ridge, Atlantic, Glenwood, 1/2 of Winding Way (Headed to Washington), Lane of Acres, Wedgewood, One side of Washington (Tavistock to Lafayette)

Upland Way, Greenmount Rd (Upland to Colonial Ridge), Colonial Ridge (1 side), S. Atlantic West (1 side), Jefferson, Lafayette (both streets from Atlantic to Warwick), Chews Landing (from W. Summit to 560 Chews Landing - one side), Lane of Acres (Washington to end of lane, plus half of opposite side toward Washington).

From Commissioner Moscatelli:

Many residents have contacted the Borough regarding the number of trees which are still dropping leaves, that leaf collection ends next week, and asking if we can extend leaf collection.  During leaf collection the Borough has 5 to 6 leaf trucks out collecting 10 hours a day, 6 days a week, utilizing all available DPW personnel as well as 9 temporary workers each day.  This is a significant and costly effort for the Borough.  However, we do recognize the difficulty the late leaf fall causes for residents.

Therefore, starting December 11, DPW will continue to put 2 or 3 leaf trucks out during normal work hours and continue to collect leaves.  We will restart in Monday's trash route as soon as we have completed the 3rd round in Friday's trash route and work our way around town as best we can.  We will continue collecting leaves until either we have made a full 4th pass, or until winter weather decides to visit us; we need the leaf collection equipment to plow snow and salt roads, and once we switch over it is impractical to switch back and forth.  This is the best compromise we can arrive at without 'busting' the budget.

While we are making this 4th pass, we will maintain a list of street that have been completed on the Borough facebook, updated each weekday, for reference.

Residents are also able to bag any remaining leaves and put them out for vegetative waste collection during the first week of January.

Please be aware, the prohibition on raking piles of leaves in the street still applies, and tickets will be issued to offenders.  Leaves should be raked as close to the road as possible, without being in the road or blocking the sidewalk.

If you have questions, please contact DPW at 856-429-0183, or email Public Works Commissioner Moscatelli at